Dsp Hamradio  

Noise Cancellation 

Designed to be handy,small, powerfull, portable and with low power consumption (70 mA).
The Dsp Hamradio with SSB-Squelch 


New Version DIY with OLED display

DIY Version


Available the new option, Oled Display!
With a highly optimized algorithm, INDSP brings you:

a. Adjustable Noise reduction
b. 7 digital filters :

  • APF Q28 (600 Hz)

  • APF Q9 (600 Hz)

  • 550-850 CW

  • 450-950 CW

  • 300-1300 CW

  • 300-2400 SSB

  • 300-2700 SSB

c. Auto Notch filter

d. SSB Squelch

INDSP is all you need for your radio whatever it is Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood or Drake.

Internal Version

a. Preset of Noise reduction level
b. 4 option of digital filters :

  1. general    A+E

  2. ssb           D+E

  3. cw            A+C

  4. ft817        B+E


  • A    550-850

  • B    450-950

  • C    300-1300

  • D    300-2400

  • E    300-2700

c. Auto Notch filter (SSB mode)

INDSP is all you need for your radio whatever it is 

Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood or Drake.





Advanced Noise Canceling , SSB- squelch, Auto- Notch and high quality digital filters all in one package.
OLED display, 2 tactiles buttons, 2 jacks and audio amplifier at just a
little more.


We are so confident that you will absolutely LOVE INDSP, we offer all our customers a 14 day 100% no questions asked return policy. If for some reason, your DSP is not what you hoped it would be, simply email iw2ndh@gmail.com within 14 days of receiving it to let us know you'll be returning the item. We will then give you the returns address. Once we receive the item back in 'pristine' condition, we will happily refund your purchase price minus the shipping.
No questions asked! 




In a 36x36 mm you have a complete DSP with sofisticated Noise reduction and digital filters near perfect. Suitable for FT817 and many more radios.
Just ready to be always with you at home or field days. Enjoy the best Noise Cancelling technology.


Operator Manual V1.3(actual version)

Operator Manual V1.2(old version)

Operator Manual V1(old version)

Installation Manual V1(old version)


How it works

Noise canceling on  FT 817 Yeasu , internal installation 

Plug&Play version (NOT AVAILABLE, same functionality of DIY version)