/* SARK PROTOCOL as page 77 of its manual*/

Command: scan            
Description: Scans from specified start to end frequency and get impedance values 

Arguments : {freq_start} Start freq. in Hz {freq_end} End freq. in Hz {step} Step in Hz 
Response: swr,R,X,Z              
format:floating point = f.2



1.05,52,10,51 1.05,52,10,51 ..




Command: ver            
Description: returns analyzer type and firmware version 

Arguments : none
Response: "AA-170 401\n"  


Command: on            
Description: switch on signal generator 

Arguments : none
Response: "OK\r\n"  

Command: off            
Description: switch off signal generator  

Arguments : none
Response: "OK\r\n"    

Command: fqXXXXXXXXX            
Description: set center frequency to XXXXXXXXX Hz 

Arguments : XXXXXXXXX
Response: "OK\r\n"  

Command: swXXXXXXXXX          
Description: set sweep range to XXXXXXXXX Hz

Arguments : XXXXXXXXX
Response: "OK\r\n"


Command: frxNNNN            
Description: perform NNNN measurements in the specified range

Arguments : NNNN
Response: output frequency (MHz floating point f.6), R and X for every measurement


Command: setwsprband:band

Description: Set wspr band

Arguments:band (integer number 0 = 1838100 ,1 = 3570100, 2 = 5288700, 3= 7040100 ,4 = 10140200 ,

5 = 14097100 ,6 = 18106100,7 = 21096100 ,8 =24926100 ,9 = 28126100 ,10= 50294500 ,11 = 70092500)

Response:Band selected: %i\n

Command: setwsprcor:i 

Description:Set correction factor (the difference between the measured and specified frequencies should be calculated in Hertz, then multiplied by 100 in order to get the correction).

Arguments: i

Response:Correction factor: %i\n SAVE ? y/n

Command: setwsprcall:call(6 char):grid(4 char):dBm(10-60)\r\n 

Description:Set call grid and power. Call MUST be 6 char and char 3 a digit, use space to adjust the call.
Arguments: call(6 char):grid(4 char):dBm(10-60)

Command: setwsprhelp

Description:Print the above


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